Payment Plans and Financial Assistance

We so greatly appreciate the help we received with funding last year. It was a godsend. The generous donation we received allowed us to afford the full CSA share and helped us eat healthy and right, a goal we've been striving to achieve for a while. We knew we were only consuming the best, most nutritous, whole foods! Thank you!”
— CSA member, 2017

We believe that good food is the birthright of every human being.

Good food is food grown in living soil, rich in the life-giving forces of nature, with the ability to deeply nourish and support people in actualizing their potential.

As farmers for a more just and beautiful world, it is our aim to grow the highest quality foods we can, and to increase access to our produce, regardless of income.

To make our produce more widely available to people of all income levels, we:

Offer payment plans for our CSA memberships.

  • One easy payment; or
  • ½ payment at signup and ½ payment August 15*; or
  • 5 monthly payments on the first of the month from June-October*
  • Payment with SNAP - Food Stamps (please call Linda at the Office to set this up) ~ Ask us about our Double Up Food Bucks subsidy this season!
  • Limited financial assistance available on a first come, first serve basis (please call Linda at the office for details)

* Half-payment and 5 monthly payment options are set up with an automatic recurring payment schedule. You can arrange payments with the farm using your VISA, MasterCard, AMEX & Discover; with your bank, scheduling automatic check payments; or by sending post-dated checks to the farm to be deposited at agreed-upon dates.There will be a 3% fee for debit/credit card transactions.

For those applying for our Financial Assistance:

Anyone on food stamps, or whose children are eligible for free lunch at school, can qualify for a discount on the price of a CSA share. We understand that not all of those in need qualify for these programs, so please contact the farm to discuss other options. This “Food For All” fund is paid for by a small portion of each paid CSA membership and by other direct donations. We have very limited funds, so we must operate on a first come, first served basis until the funds are gone.

We happily accept SNAP as payment for CSA shares and at our farmers market stands at these locations.

To set this up please contact Linda at our farm office: or by phone at (541) 935-1920 or (866) 935-1920 (outside area).

We would not be able to afford our CSA without the financial assistance. Having our CSA ensures that my family has fresh, organic vegetables even at the end of the month. Rice and Beans is always amazing because of our CSA, and it is a blessing to our health and our community that we have this option here. We are so thankful to all the people that pitched in to make this bounty available to all the families receiving SNAP and other assistance. Health is wealth, and food is medicine. Thank you. !”
— CSA member, 2017