What Happens if I Go on Vacation?

    We offer three options whenever you are unable to pick up your box:
  1. Gift your box to a friend or neighbor and arrange for them to pick it up.
  2. Donate your box (tax deductible) to FOOD for Lane County by calling the farm prior to delivery.
  3. Receive credit that can be applied to next year's CSA membership ($15 per box for Standard Season CSA Shares, and $23 per box for Late Season CSA Shares).

Notification of at least 24 hours prior to delivery is required to receive credit.

Can I Split A Share With Another Family?

Our shares will abundantly feed 2 adults or a small family (depending on individual eating habits). Click here to see what's in a typical box each month. Many individual members choose to find a friend or family member to share their produce with, either splitting the produce at the site each week, or alternating weekly pick-ups. Feel free to work out arrangements to suit your needs. We also offer a HALF SHARE option....it's a Full Share, but delivered every other week. Call the farm office for more details about this option.

Can I come and visit the farm?

Answer: Yes!

As a member of our CSA we welcome you to enjoy the farm. Although we are usually too busy during the growing season to give you a guided tour, you may roam the fields and see what we're up to, or bring a picnic lunch and relax in the country atmosphere. Please contact the farm office to make arrangements before coming at 541-935-1920 or folks@wintergreenfarm.com.

We ask that you observe certain safety precautions while you are visiting. As we are a busy farm with lots of machinery, it is important that you keep any children well supervised. We also ask that you not enter into the fields with the cows. Although we have a gentle herd, mothers can be protective of their calves and this could potentially be dangerous. Please do not climb on any equipment, and leave your family pets at home.

We host a Spring and Fall event day on the farm where you can come for a wide variety of activities along with other CSA members.

Thanks for helping keeping our farm safe!