Cooking Our Beef

When you buy a quarter, half or whole of a Winter Green Farm 100% organic pastured beef animal, you will receive a mix of delicious and versatile cuts of meat. Some of the cuts will be familiar and some may not. Below is a list of the usual cuts of meat that you will receive with suggestions for cooking techniques. Remember to bring all meat to room temperature before cooking, this will decrease the cooking time and result in a juicer, more tender dish.

Rib eye, T-Bone, Sirloin - Best Lightly salted and grilled or broiled.
Sirloin Tip, Flank, Round - Delicious when marinated and used in stir frys, kabobs, or fajitas.

Chuck, Round Bone, Cross rib, Rump roasts - Great for roasting, Dutch oven's or a convenient Crock-Pot meal.

Ground Beef
Choose your fat content from 10-14%. Flavorful and versatile, great in hamburgers, meatballs, meat-loafs, soups, and Shepard's pies.

Short Ribs
Decadent and tender when braised or roasted. You won't have leftovers.

Soup Bones, Stew Meat
The butcher leaves a large amount of meat on our soup bones. These cuts are great for soups and homemade stocks.

Liver, Heart, Tongue
You have the option of receiving different organ meats. There are numerous health benefits to eating organ meats and the internet abounds with recipes for preparing these cuts of meat.

Dog Bones
Treats for Pooches. Arrangements for dog bones are made with the butcher.

Here are more cooking tips from and some great recipes from American Grassfed Assn.