Price and availability

Our beef is primarily available in October and November. Please contact the farm office if you would like to reserve a share or be added to our mailing list, at 541-935-1920 or

    Our 2020 Prices are:
  • Quarter (Mixed Cuts/Split Half) $4.95/lb 125-200 lbs hanging weight
  • Half (Mixed Cuts) $4.85/lb 250-400 lbs hanging weight
  • Hamburger Quarter $3.95/lb 200-275 lbs hanging weight

All prices are for live animals based on their hanging weight per pound and include freezing, cutting and wrapping (to your specifications). You will receive a mix of cuts that will total in weight 20-35% less than the hanging weight due to trimming and de-boning. A 150 lbs hanging weight quarter will provide, depending on the options you choose, about 112 lbs. of meat cuts. Hamburger quarters should provide 50-60% of the hanging weight as meat. A quarter beef fills 3-4 regular paper grocery bags.

Buyers typically get chuck, round bone, cross rib, and rump roasts (great for roasting, Dutch oven's or crock-pots); sirloin, rib, t-bone (tender, flavorful and ready for the grill); sirloin tip, flank, round steaks (delicious when marinated and used in stir frys, kabobs, or fajitas) ;ground beef; and misc cuts such as soup bones, stew meat, liver, short ribs and dog bones.

Our past price comparisons show that a family buying a quarter of our organic grass fed beef will save from $200 to $300 when compared to similar beef sold at retail locations in our area.

For more logistics and news see current annual beef letter. This letter is refreshed and sent out every August. Prices stated in the letter will be updated to this year's prices at that time.

As part of a long term farm succession plan Winter Green Farm, in 2016, split. The founding farm members, the Vias and the Wade/Grays, kept the land and the cows and our younger partners, the Overbaughs, bought the vegetable business and the use of the farm name. The beef enterprise is legally owned and operated by WGF LLC. The cows are still raised in the same way. They live and graze on the same land and they remain thoroughly integrated with Winter Green Farm. In this description of our beef operation we have tried to be technically clear that the cows are not owned or operated by Winter Green Farm.