Experience the Farm

At Winter Green Farm, we know the satisfaction and the sense of meaning that comes with engaging in the work of growing food and participating in the rhythms of nature. Growing a healthy world includes creating opportunities for folks of all ages to come to our farm to renew their relationship to the land.

As a member of our extended Winter Green Farm family, you are welcome to go on a hayride at one of our seasonal celebrations, attend one of our grass-fed beef tours, or join us for the biodynamic workshops we host here with the Oregon Biodynamics Group.

You are also welcome to make arrangements to visit the farm for a picnic lunch or to enjoy the peaceful country atmosphere, by contacting the main office, folks@wintergreenfarm.com or 541- 935-1920.

Field Trips

Although most of our field trips are held for students K-12, we also enjoy giving tours to college classes and young farmer groups. Once we had the pleasure of giving a field trip to members of a retirement home who made the trip to Noti. We love sharing Winter Green Farm with the community and would like to do it more.

The Pumpkin Project

For over 20 years, the pumpkin patch at Winter Green Farm has served as an occasional outdoor classroom for local school children through the "Pumpkin Project."

This project began when Bob Bruce, father of former farm employee Sara Davies, was the second grade teacher at Noti Elementary. While Noti elementary is no longer open, Winter Green Farm has carried on the tradition of the Pumpkin Project at a variety of local grade schools, including Elmira Elementary, the Eugene Waldorf School, and Veneta Elementary.

Each spring, a Winter Green farmer goes to a second-grade classroom to plant pumpkin seeds with the children. We bring the starts back to our greenhouse at the farm, and when they are ready to be transplanted, rain or shine, the kids come out and plant pumpkins in the field.

The following fall, when the pumpkins are ready to be harvested, the same kids (now third graders) return to the pumpkin patch and choose a pumpkin to take home.

The Pumpkin Project has been a valuable program for connecting children to the growth cycle of a crop from seed to harvest and has proven useful as a hands-on learning opportunity for teaching math and science lessons.

You can help grow our educational programs:

  1. If you know of a class or a group who would like to come tour the farm, or participate in the Pumpkin Project, please email your inquiries to us at folks@wintergreenfarm.com.
  2. With school budgets generally tight, donations to our education fund allow more students to access our farm.
  • Just $3.00 sponsors one child, so a $45 donation would allow an entire class of 30 students to come for half-price, or a class of 15 to come for free.
  • A $30 donation adds a hay ride to a field trip, which is always a highlight of a visit to the farm and allows students to see more of the farm while they are here.

If you wish to make a non-tax deductible contribution to help us cultivate a vibrant educational programs, contact Linda at our farm office: folks@wintergreenfarm.com or by phone at (541) 935-1920.