What’s in a CSA Share?

My wife and I have severe chemical sensitivities. The food we received from Winter Green Farm has proven to be a magical ingredient in our lives. Fresh, organic, nutrient dense, and dripping with life and moisture. The months we have access to our CSA food we feel better than any other time if the year. ”
— CSA member, 2019

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Eating locally in Oregon means that the harvest reflects the seasons. The first few spring harvests are light and consist primarily of cool-weather crops. Summer harvests are substantial, bringing juicy warm-weather fruits and vegetables. The fall is marked by a great abundance and diversity of crops.

In a typical season, you can expect to receive more than the projected amounts of some crops and less than the projected amounts of others as a result of weather and other factors. Here is the list of Projected Crops for 2021.


Standard Season CSA Share  
19 weeks: mid-June through mid-October

Every week throughout the growing season we pack shares of the harvest for distribution to our members. A share feeds approximately 2-3 adults, or a small family, depending on individual eating habits. Standard Season CSA Shares provide a large variety of traditional and specialty vegetables. Payment plans and financial assistance are available.

Late Season CSA Share  
5 additional weeks: mid-October through Thanksgiving

The Late Season CSA Share offers five weeks of our fresh, local, organic produce following the conclusion of the Standard Season. This CSA Share provides members with seasonal fresh greens and roots as well as a generous supply of storage vegetables to eat during the winter. Payment plans and financial assistance are available.