Winter Green Beef, 2021

~local, organic, humanely raised, grass-fed, healthy, delicious~

April 27, 2021

Dear friends,

Happy Spring! The cattle are enjoying the warmer weather, and the green grass, and we hope you all are too. We are taking orders for the coming season and look forward to hearing from you. Go ahead and call or email to let us know that you’d like beef this year!

Four steps to stock your freezer with beef (with details and more info below):

  1. Call or email to order: (541) 833-0274 or [email protected]
  2. Receive and pay email invoice from Winter Green Beef after butchering.
  3. Contact 4-Star Meat Company to give cutting and wrapping instructions.
  4. Pick-up meat approximately 10-14 days after butchering.

Call us if you have any questions while reading through this letter and placing your order. It is a lot of information and we like to hear from you!

Beef Prices are based on hanging weight (the weight of the animal after it is slaughtered). Price includes cutting to your specifications, wrapping and freezing. Technically you are buying a portion of a live animal that we then have butchered for you.

Organic Mixed Cut Shares include steaks, roasts, ground beef, stew meat, short ribs, soup bones and organ meats. Take home weights are 70-75% of the hanging weight due to trimming and deboning. A quarter share with a 150 lb hanging weight fills 3-4 grocery bags. Mixed Cut Quarter orders are matched with an identical order to split a half accurately, so please specify thickness of steaks and size of roasts when ordering. Standard is ¾ inch steaks and 3-4 lb roasts.

Quarter (Mixed Cuts/Split Half)$5.15/lb100-200 lbs hanging weight
Half (Mixed Cuts)$5.05/lb200-400 lbs hanging weight
Whole (Mixed Cuts)$4.95/lb500-800 lbs hanging weight

Non-organic mixed cut shares are available for 20 cents less per pound.

Ground Beef quarters provide just over 50% of the hanging weight as meat. These shares are limited and sell fast.

All of our Ground Beef shares have been sold….if you would like to be placed on a Waiting List in case we have cancelations, or are able to provide shares later in the season, please email or call.

Butcher Dates This year, we have one May butcher date, two July butcher dates and seven Fall butcher dates. We are now taking orders for all dates. When ordering, let us know if you have a preferred butcher date – please be sure it coincides with ground beef availability if applicable. Portland customers, check that your butcher date corresponds with a pick-up date that works for you. For local and coast customers, see pick-up in next section.

Butcher DatesGround BeefNon-Organic BeefOrganic BeefPortland PickupEugene PickupCoast Pickup
May 6May 16May 16
July 20August 4July 30July 30
July 24August 4August 5August 5
September 30October 13October 10October 10
October 2October 13October 12October 12
October 7October 20October 17October 17
October 21November 3October 31October 31
October 26November 13November 5November 5
October 28November 13November 7November 7
November 2November 12November 12

Immediately after butchering we will invoice you based on the animal’s hanging weight.

Our butcher, 4-Star Meat Company in Eugene, will call you for cutting and wrapping instructions. Sometimes it has been difficult for 4-Star to get through to people; if you think you could be one of those people, please take the time to call them at 541-689-1350. Or go online to and fill out your instructions at

Pick up
Local orders, your meat will be frozen and ready for pick up at 4-Star 10-14 days after butchering. Coast orders are delivered to pick up sites on the coast ($35 fee). Portland orders are delivered to a pick up site on the dates listed above ($30 fee).

Call or email to place you order – (541) 833-0274 or [email protected]. Please refer below for information to have ready when you place your order. If you have a date or size preference let us know and we will do our very best to meet it. Please keep in mind there is quite a variation in animal size. If you are in Portland, or on the coast, let us know so we can plan for delivery ($30 for Portland delivery, $35 for Coast delivery).

Ordering checklist
Info to include when calling or emailing to place your order:

  • Name, phone #, email address.
  • What: Whole, Half, Quarter, Ground beef?
  • Organic or Non-organic?
  • Animal size preference?
  • (Mixed cuts quarters only: Steak thickness – ¾ inch or 1 inch? Roast size – 2-3 lbs, 3-4 or 4-5 lbs?)
  • Date preference? No – great, we’ll put you where it fits. Yes – what date?
  • Where will you be picking up? Local, coast or PDX?

Certified Organic Animals
As always, you are buying a portion of a live animal, which we then have butchered for you. Most of our organic animals are Oregon Tilth, USDA Certified Organic. This year we have 13 organic animals certified organic by the Washington Department of Agriculture that we purchased from an organic producer just north of us in Washington. The animals are certified organic only as live animals. In order to get certified organic butchering and slaughtering, we would have to haul the animals to a certified organic USDA slaughter facility. We prefer on farm slaughter which we feel is more humane for the animal, and the butchering process used is no different from what organic regulation requires. Our local butcher, 4-Star, is Oregon Department of Agriculture certified.

Non-Organic Animals
This year we have 10 non-organic animals bought from a neighbor. Their operation is not certified organic but their animals are raised sustainable and humanely. These animals are treated organically while in our system.

Beef News
The cows went out to pasture at the end of March and we’re eagerly awaiting our first calf. This year we’re experimenting with having the cows and yearlings in one herd to increase stocking density; with the hope that this will lead to even healthier pastures. We, Kevin and Courtney, are excited to be headed into our second year of business with an entire year of haying, pasture management and sales behind us.

More Info about how we raise our organic grass-fed meat is available on at (Please excuse how out of date parts of our website are. All info about how the cattle is raised and how the land is managed is accurate.) For information on the environmental and health advantages of grass-fed meat, see Jo Robinson’s website

Call us if you have any feedback, questions or concerns. We depend on your input to learn and grow. We appreciate your support of local food and Winter Green Beef.

Thank you,
Kevin, Courtney, Basil and Linda