What Happens if I Go on Vacation?

We offer three options whenever you are unable to pick up your box:

  • Gift your box to a friend or neighbor and arrange for them to pick it up.
  • Donate your box (tax deductible) to FOOD for Lane County by calling the farm prior to delivery.
  • Receive a coupon in your email that can be applied to other purchases from the website ($15 per box for Standard Season CSA Shares, and $23 per box for Late Season CSA Shares).
  • Notification of at least 7 days prior to delivery is required to receive credit.

Can I Split A Share With Another Family?

Our standard shares feed 2 adults or a small family. Many members choose to find a friend or family member to share their produce with, either splitting the produce at the site each week, or alternating weekly pick-ups. Feel free to work out arrangements to suit your needs.

How is Winter Green Beef sold?

We sell our animals “on the hoof” or “by the share”. This means that you are buying a portion of a live animal which we then have butchered into cuts for you. When you pick up your meat you will receive a variety of cuts like you might buy in the store including steaks, roasts, ribs and ground beef. To order, you can call, email or use our online beef order request.

Why do you sell your beef this way?

Selling our animals alive as shares allows us to have our animals slaughtered on the farm using a mobile slaughter unit. To sell by the cut, we would need to transport animals to an USDA slaughter facility. We feel that on farm slaughter is more humane for the animal and keeps more fertility on the farm. Buying in bulk also provides the best value for our customers.

How does beef pricing work?

When animals are sold by quarter, half and whole shares, the price charged is per pound of hanging weight. “Hanging weight” is the weight of your animal after the field harvest, (during which some parts of the animal are removed) but before butchering into cuts. After butchering into cuts, (during which more parts are removed, and trimming and deboning occurs) ground beef orders will take home 55-60% of hanging weight, and mixed cuts orders will take home 70-75% of hanging weight, in meat, bones, organs and fat Price includes cutting to your specifications, wrapping and freezing. Our past price comparisons show that a family buying a quarter of our organic grass-fed beef will save from $200 – $300 when compared to similar beef sold at retail locations in our area.

How does payment work?

Immediately following butchering, we will email you an invoice that includes all relevant information for pay. You will be able to pay online via our Quickbooks, mail a check or coordinate a time to drop off a cash payment.

How many pounds of meat are we talking?

A quarter share is 100-200 pounds hanging weight, of which you receive 70-75% in mixed cuts. 150 pounds hanging weight fills 3-4 grocery bags after butchering. If you don’t think you can go through that much meat or don’t have the space, we recommend you find some friends or family to share a quarter with!

How do I place my cutting order and what cuts of meat do I receive?

After butchering we will email you an invoice with information about placing your cutting order. You will call our butcher 4 Star Meats or use their online option to place your order. Whether you choose to place your cutting order by phone or online, we recommend using their online ordering option ahead of time, to help you sort out the range of options.

Generally, customers receive steaks, roasts, ground beef, short ribs, stew meat, soup bones, organ meats and dog bones. Don’t forget to ask for your fat to make tallow if you’re interested! Here is a more complete list of cuts and cooking tips.

When do you have shares available and why isn’t it year-round?

Our main butcher season is in the fall, late September to early November. We do a smaller mid-July butcher and occasionally have several animals ready for processing in May or June. We butcher at certain times to ensure that our animals have reached maturity and that they have had access to excellent pasture forage before slaughter; this provides the highest quality meat. Contact us for more information about butcher dates!

Where do I pick up my meat?

Local customers in the Eugene/Springfield area will pick up their meat at 4 Star Meat Company, 90362 Prairie Road, 10-14 days after butchering. Portland orders will be brought to a pick up site in Portland, and Coast orders will be brought to pick up sites on the coast (available for Florence, Reedsport and Coos Bay).

Do you sell outside of the Eugene/Springfield area?

We deliver to a Portland pick-up site once after our July butcher and several times in the fall. Coast pick up is available in Florence, Reedsport and Coos Bay for all butcher dates. Contact us for more information about butcher dates! Out of area customers are always welcome to road trip and pick-up their meat at 4 Star Meat Company, 90362 Prairie Road, Eugene, OR, 97402.