2018 CSA ~ Week 4

June 26, 2018



I had a member call in about the little holes in the leaves of some of the bunched greens and roots. We have had some pressure from Flea Beetles this year, as we do every year. Those are the little critters that put the holes in the leaves. The greens may not be as visually pleasing, but they are still delicious to eat! As an organic farm, we have to try many alternative methods, since we can’t just go out and spray chemicals to eliminate bugs. We cover crops with Remay, a very light weight, airy fabric that still allows in light and moisture, but keeps out the bugs. This helps quite a bit, especially when the crops are small. We also do companion planting, so insects have other options of things to munch on, rather than the veggies we prefer they not. We hope you will be able to look past the slight imperfections, and gobble up your greens!


  • Swiss Chard
  • Fennel
  • Green Onions
  • Collards
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Basil
  • Strawberries


  • Cabbage


Minestrone w/Collard Greens & White Beans

Sautéed Collard Greens w/Raisins

Sliced Fennel w/Parmesan, Sea Salt & Olive Oil

Rigatoni w/Sausage & Fennel

Green Curry w/Brown Rice Noodles & Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard Salsa Verde

Happy Solstice! A little bit late, but still in the ballpark. Some folks feel the Solstice is really the beginning of summer….others feel that once Solstice has passed, the days get shorter and we’re on our way to winter. I guess it’s a matter of the glass half full, glass half empty philosophy. I also hear folks complaining about how hot it is, how sunny!! Well, yeah! That’s what summer is all about, and if you’re like me, you wait out the rain, dark skies and cold for this time of year….cherish each day of sunshine, each warm temperature day because the alternative will be back soon enough, sure enough. For now, let the sun shine on the amazing rivers of Oregon so we can all go swimming on these hot days, have back yard BBQ’s and walk around without layers and layers of clothes on our bodies, soaking up that vitamin D.

One of my favorite things about this time of year are the return of the birds. My cherry tree in the back yard is calling them in…saw my first Tanager arrive last week. The Robins and Pigeons are busy in the top of the tree, which reaches up about 50ft, and the Crows will be arriving before long. We’re hard pressed to get some cherries off the lower branches these days!

The crew gathered around the harvest board discussing what the tasks are for the day

Life on the farm is flowing along smoothly. The new crew members are feeling more confident in their abilities with each new day, and it’s always fun to watch them begin to relax into their roles and tasks. I love to see the long term crew grow and change with each new season as they step into manager roles and learn how to impart their knowledge and experience on to others. Gone is the shyness and insecurities as confidence encourages them step forward. So proud to be part of the future of farming with these amazing young people.

Alden moving the long irrigation pipe to a newly tilled field, soon to be planted.

Speaking of crew this year, the Overbaugh boys are working every day. Porter, 10 years old, is managing his planting of melons again this year, as well as helping with the harvest for both CSA and Markets. Alden, 13 years old, is assisting Chad with the irrigation this season, which means early starts and sometimes long days when it’s hot.


You have some new crops in your boxes this week. Happy to include this lovely bunch of Swiss Chard. It would be best to use it fresh, but it will keep in the crisper drawer for about a week. Great in stir fries, soups, stew, and my favorite, sautéed with some red onion in an egg scramble! The green onions are a nice addition to just about every dish! Store in the crisper as well.


The Broccoli will keep for a good week in the fridge, either in the crisper drawer, or a plastic bag. You can eat it raw with a nice dip, or steam until  bright green and tender, but still crisp. Add a little lemon juice, or butter, or as my Mom used to do, a little mayonnaise for a “mock hollandaise”.


Fennel! Love this precious gem…..all parts can be used. My favorite way to eat fennel is fresh off the stalk….its mild licorice taste is so refreshing. I have wonderful memories of big Italian dinners at my Grandmas house that began at Noon and lasted until well into the evening. They always began with a huge antipasto spread of olives, cheeses, roasted peppers, fennel, and large, warm loaves of fresh Italian bread….yummm!


Lastly, a fresh bouquet of Basil. Basil will keep if kept in a plastic container in the fridge, or in kept in a glass of water. You could blend a small batch of Pesto, or add it to your favorite sauces. I love to toast an everything bagel, layer it with cream cheese, fresh thick tomato slices and then some minced basil. 


Here is some of the corn in the field on this gloriously sunny day. Not quite “knee high” but it’s not July 4th…yet! We’ve got some time before fresh corn will show up in the box.

We hope that you will all have a great week ahead and a fun weekend! Enjoy your veggies!

Linda and all of the Winter Green Farmers