We are proud to have lambs available for sale in the fall.

All of our sheep are hair sheep, Katahdin and Katahdin Dorper crosses. Hair sheep shed their fleeces in the spring and they do not produce lanolin, which gives lamb its traditional musky flavor. Our lamb meat is milder than traditional lamb, tender and delicious. All of our flock is grass-fed and finished. This makes their meat high in omega fatty acids and since they are not given grain, their meat is healthier for you.

All of our lambs are born in February through the beginning of April, on pasture. This is one month later than traditional lambing season, however we believe the warmer longer days are easier on the lambs and it gives the mothers plenty of grass to grow strong healthy lambs. All of our lambs are left with their mothers and left to naturally wean. We find this less stressful on the youngsters and keeps them growing. We typically move our sheep every 3-5 days during the spring and summer months. This allows them to eat tender grasses and forbes that are higher in protein through the spring and summer months. During the fall and winter our sheep’s diet consists of certified organic hay grown on our farm, and is also supplemented with organic alfalfa.

All of our lambs are slaughtered on farm, which means you buy a live share of the animal. 4-star Meat Company in Eugene butchers our animals. They slaughter the animal on farm and then hang them for 7-10 days prior to cutting the animal. They will contact you for cutting instructions. An average hanging weight of one of our lambs is 50lbs. The cost is $6.50/lb. hanging weight plus the cut and wrap fee which is typically $100.00/animal. We do offer a discount for folks interested in more than one animal, which is $6.00/lb. hanging weight.