Good food, like good health, implies a state of wholeness. At Winter Green Farm, we use biodynamic methods, and honor and strengthen the web of life throughout the 171 acres of land we steward.

What you’ll get from a CSA membership with Winter Green Farm

  • Weekly boxes with 40 different vegetables and berries with exceptional taste and quality
  • Convenient neighborhood delivery
  • Affordable payment plans and financial assistance
  • Weekly blogs or emails with recipes, produce storage tips, and farm news
  • Opportunities to get to know your farmers and the source of your food
  • Better nutrition for your family
  • Hayrides, pumpkin patch visits, and potlucks at our fun farm events
  • A 10% discount on all Winter Green Farm produce at our farmers’ market stands

What you’ll give with your CSA membership with Winter Green Farm

  • A fair economic return to the farmers and workers for their skill in growing food that nurtures body and soil
  • Improved access to fresh, nourishing food for low-income families through donating to our financial assistance fund, “Food for All”.
  • Support for our conservation-based farming efforts
  • Opportunities for students of all ages to learn about and experience the farm through donating to our educational fund

What’s in a share?

Eating locally in Oregon means that the harvest reflects the seasons. The first few spring harvests are light and consist primarily of cool-weather crops. Summer harvests are substantial, bringing warm-weather fruits and vegetables. The fall is marked by a great abundance and diversity of crops.

In a typical season, you can expect to quantities to vary as a result of unpredictable environmental factors. Here is the list of Projected Crops for 2023.

Payment Plans

We believe that good food is a birthright of every human being.

As farmers for a more just and beautiful world, it is our aim to grow the highest quality foods. To make our produce more widely available to all people we offer payment plans for our CSA memberships as follows:

  • Payment in full
  • 5 Monthly payments starting at sign-up
  • 2 payments with ½ at sign-up and ½ two months later
  • SNAP is also accepted and we participate in the Double Up Food Bucks Program.
  • Financial assistance available on a first come, first serve basis from our “Food for All” program.

Financial Assistance

Anyone with SNAP benefits, or whose children are eligible for free lunch at school, can qualify for a discount on the price of a CSA share. This “Food For All” fund is paid for by a small portion of each paid CSA membership and by other direct donations. We operate on a first-come-first-served basis until the funds are gone.

Additional Information