Winter Green Farm is committed to the movement of food justice. Our efforts to cultivate a more just food system through farming making our food available to all people, as well as to pay our workers a living wage while creating a working atmosphere of mutual respect, learning, and community at our farm.

Food for All

Access to good food is the birthright of every human being. Good food is food grown in living soil, rich in the life-giving forces of nature, with the ability to deeply nourish and support people.

As farmers for a more just and beautiful world, it is our aim to make our quality produce more widely available to all people by:

Worker Justice

It is our aim, also, to pay a living wage to our workers at Winter Green Farm. People deserve to receive compensation in exchange for expressing their talents and gifts in the world.

Winter Green is committed to ensuring our workers are welcomed as important members of our farm community. We not only provide safe and fair working conditions by abiding by labor law, but we try to tailor each worker’s experience so that their work life is meaningful and fulfilling.