Spring! CSA Signups are in full swing!

April 13, 2018

CSA Signups are in full swing! It’s time to get your 2018 share reserved. If you have not received renewal or signup info, please do get in touch with Linda the farm office at   541-935-1920 or by email at [email protected]. You can also visit our website to renew or reserve  your share this season….www.wintergreenfarm.

Cluster of Trillium just ready to burst out!

April Showers bring May flowers, April Showers bring May flowers….this has been my daily mantra for the last couple of weeks. As I watch the Long Tom River swell behind my house, I’m reminded that April can be a tricky month. Remember in 2008 when it snowed on Earth Day? So I try to awaken each day, look out the window and say to myself…Huh! It’s raining….as if it’s the most natural thing. No expectations, yet fully aware that anything can happen this time of year.


I’ve had an adventurous morning! It’s calving season, so at morning circle, I asked Jimi how many calves we had so far. He held up his 4 fingers, saying we had 4 born just last night, bringing our total to 6 overall! That’s quite unusual, as we typically  have only one a day, or maybe two. I journeyed down to the far field for some photos to share. Then the fun really began. Jack and Jimi had just moved the cows to new pasture this morning. Jimi knew which cows had calved, but we couldn’t find any of the calves near their Mommas.


We began walking the soggy field, searching for little ones. We finally found them in the farthest corners, where their Mothers had abandoned them for fresh, green grass. Since the calves are brand new, they aren’t privy to the “herd” mentality. They thought they were just fine cloistered under the blackberry brambles at the edge of the field. Thus began the comical dance of trying to convince them that they actually wanted to be in the other field, with their Moms. Back and forth we herded, first one, then the other, as they ran forward and then criss-crossed back behind us once again. With so much rain, it was quite a challenge for a newbie like me to keep my feet on stable ground, and keep my boots on, as they sunk and stuck in the mud puddles. I was fairly sure I would be going down at least once before the exercise was over.


Jimi finally had to resort to carrying the calves out of the old field, into the new pasture where there Moms awaited, and greeted them with lots of mooing, as if to say “where have you been!” I waited and watched as Jimi administered the vitamins, and ear tagged each calf. I walked back to the office, wet and muddy, but with a smile on my face!

We also have a new bull on the farm! He is adjusting very well to his new environment, sharing this upper pasture with some farm buddies. He hasn’t met the ladies yet…that will happen later this summer.IMG_1178

Even with all of the rain, we have been getting lots accomplished on the farm. Melissa and Shannon have been rocking the greenhouse this year. Everything is looking so healthy and growing quickly. The transplants have been going out on a regular basis and new seeding is being done weekly, in the greenhouse and the fields as well for CSA.


The crew “skinned” the Spanish Tunnels, putting on new covering and gutters this season. Most of the field house space is used to grow early crops for our Farmers Markets



With a few days of dry weather a couple of weeks ago, we were able to harvest the last of our burdock for our wholesale markets. It was a little rough going to get them out but our crew persevered and made it happen.


We’re going to be partnering with Wild Child Flower Company once again this season, as well as Fog Hollow Farm. Wild Child Flower Company offers a weekly Flower CSA and will supply you with a season of beautiful, sustainably grown bouquets.


Fog Hollow Farm offers eggs and raises chickens, selling them whole, or in packets of pieces. Both Sara and Steve have worked on Winter Green Farm for many years and we totally support their ventures!


We’re looking forward to a wonderful season ahead, and we hope you will be part of it!

Spring blessings from Linda and all of the Winter Green Farm crew.