2017 CSA ~ Week 19 Last Share of the Standard Season!

October 10, 2017




Saturday, October 14th                                                                                                                   Noon to 3pm                                                                                                                                          Share a Potluck from Noon to 1pm                                                                                            (please bring a dish to share if you would like to eat with everyone!)                             Hayrides will begin at 1pm, along with the rest of the festivities ~ faceprinting, cider pressing, crafts for the kids and of course you will head down to the field to grab your pumpkin!


Please bring any stray CSA boxes that have made their way to your homes back to your delivery site! Each season we have to replace lost boxes and at $8 each, that adds up…thanks so much for your help with this!


  • Apples ~ Jonagold or Gala
  • Potatoes
  • Leeks
  • Celeriac
  • Onions
  • Kale
  • Fennel
  • Carrots
  • Turnips
  • Parsnips
  • Sweet Peppers
  • Pie Pumpkin


  • Cauliflower


Roasted Parsnip Bread Pudding

Celeriac & Kale Soup

Tahini Celeriac Potato Salad

Garlic & Herb Celeriac Fries

Celeriac & Parsnip “Mashed Potatoes”

Roasted Fennel w/Parmesan

Baked Stuffed Pumpkin

Welcome to Week 19 and the final Standard Season delivery of the year! Seems like it all went so fast this year and it’s always bittersweet to be packing  your last share. While some of you may be continuing on with the Late Shares (I do have a couple of shares left if you have been meaning to reserve one, but just haven’t),  we would like to offer our deepest gratitude to you all for choosing Winter Green Farm this year. We know there are lots of options out there and we greatly appreciate you recognizing our passion for growing the healthiest food we can, in the most sustainable way we can…not only for the health of your bodies, but to protect and honor Mother Earth. Together we can accomplish both goals! Thank  you so much for sharing this season with us and we hope to have the honor of feeding you and your families in the new season.

Jesse and Kiegan sorting carrots for wholesale orders.

It’s definitely been frosty in the morning on the farm, and even though we’re beginning at 7:30am now, it still takes a while for the sun to come over the hill and warm things up. Several times the greens have been too frosty to harvest early and we have to start with other tasks, such as sorting and bagging wholesale carrots, which is something we will be doing through out much of the winter, along with burdock wholesale orders. We’ve been blessed with the sun shining brightly and it’s fun to watch the assortment of sweaters, coats and hats that line the trucks and every available space, as the day heats up.

Celeriac Root

This last box of the Standard Season is going to be a doozy! Full of wonderful fall roots and greens. That alien looking orb is a Celeriac Root. It’s crazy looking but one of the most versatile veggies…you can make a salad with it, toss it into soups and stews, mash it with potatoes or parsnips, or cut it up to include in a root bake. I’ve included some recipes but experiment and I’m sure you’ll come to love it as much as we do.

The Pie Pumpkin in your box is just the right size for a pumpkin pie or two….just cut it in half, and roast on a cookie sheet, with a little bit of water, at about 350 degrees until its soft to the touch. Then scoop out the inside and use it as the puree for your favorite pie recipe.

Elmira Elementary Students have to carry their own pumpkins from the field!

This week we welcomed the Elmira Elementary 1st and 2nd grade students on the farm to pick up their pumpkins that they planted in the Spring. We enjoy sharing the Pumpkin Project with our local elementary school….going to the school in the Spring to plant pumpkin seeds, welcoming the students to the farm to plant the young seedlings, and then hosting them in the fall when the pumpkins are matured. They seem to enjoy the visit as much as we do, as they choose their favorite pumpkin and munch on strawberries on the walk back up the hill to the barns.

Farm dog Pete entertains the students in the pumpkin field.

As we say goodbye to many of you for this season, we wish you a wonderful fall and winter….let’s hope Mother Nature is kind to us this winter, bringing just enough rain, a little snow to play in and lots of opportunities to share time with those we love and cherish. Stay well, stay warm and may your lives be filled with love and happiness!

Hope to see  you next week at the Harvest Celebration, and if not, hope to share our food with you once again in the 2018 season!

Many Blessings,

Linda and all of  your Winter Green Farmers