2017 CSA ~ Week 5

July 4, 2017



If your supply of organic Strawberry Spread or Tomato Sauce is running out, we do have more to offer! We can send it along with your next delivery….the cost of the Strawberry Spread is $4.75/jar and $50 for a case of 12 (they are 10 oz. jars). The cost of the Tomato Sauce is $7.50/jar and $85 for a case of 12 (they are 28 oz. jars.) All of the ingredients are organic, and we co-pack with our local Sweet Creek Foods!


  • Beets
  • Napa or Green Cabbage
  • Spinach
  • Collards
  • Green Onions
  • New Potatoes
  • Basil
  • Strawberries


  • Broccoli


Spaghetti w/Collard Greens & Lemon

Chicken, Collard Greens & Sweet Potato Stew

Dani’s Decadent Beet Brownies

Beet, Cheddar, & Apple Tarts

Potato, Spinach, & Red Pepper Frittata

Roasted Mushroom & Potato Salad

Happy Fourth of July!

While we are working today, we’re so happy that you all have the day off (well most of you!). Hopefully our veggies will play into your BBQ feasts, and if not today, through out the week ahead. Enjoy your day, and the fireworks tonight….be safe!

Emma, Jeremy & Kelly modeling the new shirts?

Look what we did! We have some new Winter Green Farm shirts….we have lots of styles, colors, and sizes. The adult T-Shirts are $15 and the Youth and Toddler sizes are $12. You can either call/email the farm to order, and we’ll deliver them with your CSA Share. Here is a list of what is available for you:

Ladies (either fitted as shown above or standard T-Shirt style) in Small, Medium & Large Fitted comes in Chocolate, Purple, Moss, or Natural and the Standard in Green or Maroon

Men’s come in Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large (larger sizes can be ordered)   Available in Chocolate, Green, or Slate gray

Youth sizes are Small, Medium, & Large in Chocolate, Green, Blue & Yellow

Toddler sizes are 4 & 6, and come in either Pink or blue


I know we have featured with Steve Knox in previous Blog’s, but he’s doing such cool things I wanted to share them with you all. Steve has been with us on the farm since 2010. He started out as harvest crew, learned to manage a Farmer’s Market (currently he runs the PSU Farmers Market in Portland), and now helps to run the Farmers Market harvest crew. He has grown so much though the years, and is an amazing asset for the farm. He always has a smile on his face, and a go to attitude….he can make it happen!!


He stared raising broiler hens several years ago, but this year has stepped it up a notch. Last year he purchased a piece of land outside of Walton that is just over 7 acres and calls it Fog Hollow Farm. He and his partner, Terah, raise laying hens, broiler birds and some  sheep on the land. Their plan is to offer local pasture-raised chicken to the southern Willamette Valley and Oregon Coast. The strive to keep everything as local and sustainable as possible.  That means sourcing locally, supporting small family businesses, minimizing use of fossil fuels, and doing their part to encourage a vibrant and healthy local food system.


Their chicks are purchased from a 4th generation family-owned hatchery in Tangent, OR.  Once on farm they are given access to fresh nutritious pasture everyday. The fields are never sprayed with any pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers.  In addition to all the grass and bugs they can eat, their broiler birds are given a ration of corn/soy/GMO free feed milled by a small farmer-owned mill in Brownsville, OR. All the raw ingredients used in the feed were grown right here in the Pacific Northwest. Once the birds have reached a healthy weight of 3-6 lbs they are taken to a small, family-run business in Sutherlin, OR to be processed and packaged for sale.

If you are interested in sharing in Steve and Terah’s harvest, either the meat birds or some of their eggs, you can email them at [email protected], call them at  406-208-7775, or visit their website.

We sure hope you all enjoy your veggies this week!

Linda and all of your Winter Green Farmers