2024 CSA Season Week Three

June 25, 2024

Welcome to the third week of the CSA Season! Can you believe we’re already in the last week of June?! Time flies when the weather gets warm and the veggies are delicious!

Just a reminder for our half-share members, you are on an alternating schedule. 10-week half share members, this is your week!

Let us know if you’re going on vacation!

We know the season is during the summer and we all like to go on vacation when it’s warm! We’re happy to accommodate you by either rescheduling your share, offering a double share the following week, issuing a credit for the 2024 season, or donating your share to Food for Lane County.  

(Please note: we are only able to make these changes with at least 7 days notice. If you pick up on Friday and want to change to Tuesday earlier that week, you’ll need to let me know 7 days before that TUESDAY, so we have time to make the changes.)  

July payments are right around the corner!

For those of you on a monthly payment schedule, this is your friendly reminder that your next payment is due by July 1st! I’ll be sending out invoices directly from the website again, but you can always locate your invoices by logging into our website and clicking on your orders. If you have an issue making a payment or believe the website doesn’t reflect your payments accurately, please shoot me an email at [email protected], so I can look into it.

For those who have not yet made a payment or set up a payment plan, please do so immediately or reach out to the farm to set one up and avoid a disruption to your delivery schedule. Thank you!

A quick note about payments and account changes:

Please make all payments and account changes directly to me. As the office manager and CSA Coordinator, I handle all payments, SNAP information, schedule changes, and anything else to do with your accounts. Our site hosts and market vendors do not work with or have access to any of your account information, so submitting any changes or questions in writing by email is the only way to make those changes. Please do not ask our vendors to change or relay any account information to the office.

If you’re making a payment by check, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT leave it attached to the clipboard at the site or give it directly to a market vendor, even if you have always done so in the past. This is not a secure way to pay, and we can in no way guarantee it will make it to the office. Placing a check in the mail is the best way to get it to us. If you do give it to a market vendor (NOT a site host or clipboard, as we do not want payments delivered this way), please make sure your payment is in a sealed envelope with your name and “CSA” clearly written on the front. Loose checks will end up with market money and not applied to your CSA account. That’s an easy mistake for our vendors to make, which is why we prefer checks delivered to the farm only by mail. Thank you so much for your cooperation and understanding!

Ways to make payments to the farm:

We offer the following payment options for your convenience: 

Check: We’re happy to accept checks for payment to avoid the credit card transaction fee. (We actually prefer it, as it saves us the fee too!) But make sure you deduct the fee from your total! If you’d like to send post-dated checks so you don’t have to remember to make additional payments, you’re more than welcome to! We’ll lock them away in our safe, so they’ll always be secure.  

While mailing a check is the most secure way to make sure we receive your payment, if you choose to pay at one of our markets, please make sure your payment is contained in a sealed envelope with your name and “CSA” clearly written on the front. Please do not leave a check at your pickup site.  

Credit Card: We’re happy to offer online payment options through our website, wintergreenfarm.com. After logging into your account, you can find your invoice in the “Orders” tab. When you check out, you can choose any of the payment plan options mentioned above. There is a credit card transaction fee of a little over 3%, as that’s what we get charged to process online payments. (This fee is added to all online payments, so if you’re paying by check, please feel free to subtract the fee from the total.) 

Please note that we are unable to take any credit card payments over the phone, as we’re no longer set up to do so. Thank you for understanding! 

Cash: While cash is definitely the least secure way to pay, we are happy to accept cash as payment for your share. If you choose to pay cash, please make sure to contain it in a sealed envelope with your name and “CSA” clearly written on the front if you pay at a market, or included in a note or letter if you send it by mail. Please do not leave cash or payment of any kind at your pickup site. 

You can mail checks to:          

 Winter Green Farm 

89762 Poodle Creek Road 

Noti, OR 97461 

If you are in need of financial assistance to help with your share, please contact the farm at [email protected] 

Come see us at the our markets this week!

We give you as much as we can in the CSA throughout the season, but don’t forget we’re at the farmers’ markets too! If you’re in Portland, you can come check out our booth on Sundays at the King Market. If you’re in Eugene, come see us on Wednesdays at the Eugene Farm Stand on 18th and Polk, or on Saturdays at the Lane County Farmers’ Market. We would love to see you!

Meet your farmers: Meet Chelsea!

That’s me! For those that are new this season, my name is Chelsea, and I am both the Office Manager and the CSA Coordinator. All of your communication for the CSA is with me, and I’m more than happy to help you with scheduling or answer any questions you might have! In years past, I’ve helped out at the Eugene Farm Stand, but this year I’m sticking around the farm.

Fun facts about Chelsea:

  • Season on the farm: 4th!
  • Astrological sign: Leo on the cusp of Cancer
  • Favorite vegetable: Brussel Sprouts
  • Something she hopes to learn at the farm: How to prepare vegetables I’m unfamiliar with. I learn from the recipes each month, too!

For fun, I like to read whenever I can (mostly fantasy), I like to write (both poetry and fiction), and I love to crochet. I’ve recently gotten into crocheting mythical creatures, and I’m having a ton of fun with it! The coolest place I’ve ever been was Barcelona, for my cousin’s graduation trip a few years ago.

What’s in your box this week:

  • Beets
  • Radishes
  • Green onions
  • Kale
  • Two heads of lettuce

Some sites only:

  • Strawberries

We weren’t able to get strawberries to everybody this week–the rain really messed with the patch and we’re still recovering. But don’t worry! We’re keeping excellent notes, and if we didn’t get your site this time, we’ll be sure to get you next time!

Handy tips:

  • Beets: To keep roots and greens fresh, remove the beet greens, wash and store in a refrigerated plastic bag. Store the unwashed roots in an unsealed plastic bag in your vegetable drawer. Beet roots will last up to two weeks; the greens will need to be used within a few days after harvesting. Beet greens are a delicious and healthy vegetable on their own. You can steam or saute them like spinach or use raw in salads. They are also great lightly stir-fried. Beets do not need to be peeled; just scrub them clean before using (there are many trace minerals just below the skin). Skins can be slipped off after cooking. Beets are delicious raw or cooked. Try them grated raw on sandwiches and salads. They can be steamed, roasted, or cooked in soup or stew.
  • Radishes: Radishes may need a good scrubbing, even after our crew has washed them, but do not need to be peeled. Trim off any damaged areas. Store them in a damp towel or plastic bag in the refrigerator. Store green tops separately, wrapped in a damp towel. Use as soon as possible.
  • Green onions: Green onions, also known as scallions, should be stored unwashed and wrapped loosely in a plastic bag. Put them in the refrigerator, and they’ll keep for about a week. To keep green onions longer, chop off about three quarters of the tender, green tips; the end closest to the root is less perishable. You can eat the entire green onion. Use them chopped as a garnish, or use as a substitute for chives. Green onions are excellent in soups and stews, especially if added late in cooking. Grill, bake, broil, or stir-fry with a little oil to concentrate their sweetness and flavor.
  • Kale: Wash kale leaves well by dipping them in a sink of cool water several times to flush out soil and garden stowaways. Remove the stems from the leaves by folding leaf in half lengthwise, and stripping or slicing away the thick stems. Baby or tender young leaves may be cooked, stem and all. Steam mature kale leave approximately 4-5 minutes, depending on age, size, and amount in steamer. When it’s limp but still retains texture, it’s ready. Wrap kale in a damp towel or in a plastic bag to refrigerate, preferably in a hydrator drawer, for up to one week. For long-term storage, kale can be frozen. Wash, de-stem, and blanch leaves for two minutes. Rinse in cold water, drain, and pack into airtight containers, and freeze.
  • Strawberries: Rinse strawberries just before eating to clean off any grit that may still be on the berries from the field. To freeze them, spread them out on a cookie sheet and place them in the freezer. Once frozen, store them in a Ziploc bag or plastic container until ready to use.

What we’re making this week:

  • Green onions are an excellent garnish, and they’re perfect with this Egg Pizza!
  • If you’re looking or a nutritious breakfast and a way to use up all your kale, give these Kale Smoothies a go!
  • Our fields are bountiful right now, and we’re giving you lots of lettuce this week! If you’re looking for a delicious meal that isn’t just a salad, try this Stir-Fried Lettuce recipe!
  • I love to bake, and adding fresh strawberries is a great way to make a dish better. This week, I’m dying to try out these Strawberry Cupcakes!

Summer is heating up, and it’s getting hot, hot, hot! We hope you’re all having a wonderful start to your summer, and using all the delicious veggies from you shares. We’re so happy to be able to share the bounty with you this season!

Many blessings,

Chelsea and your Winter Green farmers