CSA 2014 Week #17

September 30, 2014


  • Leeks
  • Radishes
  • Kale
  • Carrots
  • Pac choi
  • Kabocha squash
  • Onions
  • Peppers
  • Some Sites Only
  • Lettuce
  • Cauliflower
  • Fennel

Special Announcements:

Mark your calendars for the end of season Harvest Celebration! Here are the details:

Saturday, October 18th, Noon to 4pm. We will begin with the annual potluck….bring your favorite dish to share with your fellow members if you would like to participate. After the potluck we will begin hayrides down to the pumpkin field to pick out your Jack-O-Lanterns! We’ll also have other fun activities and will pressing fresh apple cider. We hope you will join us to celebrate the amazing season we’ve had!


46 Kale Recipes from seriouseats.com

Radishes in Browned Butter and Lemon from myrecipes.com

Thai Red Curry with Kabocha Squash from chow.com

Roasted Kabocha Squash from nomnompaleo.com

News From the Field


I drove down to the field this morning to take some photos of the crew harvesting your greens. It was an overcast humid morning in the kale patch, and as I ventured out into the dewy leaves, I was wishing I had worn my rain gear, as the giant, healthy looking plants completely soaked my shoes and pants!  It was well worth it though, it was gorgeous out there, a sea of green vegetables everywhere you looked.

IMGP4940The ladies of the crew were bunching your kale today, picking the beautiful outside leaves, twist-tying them together, then counting them into a big tote to be brought back up to the barn and cooled.

IMGP4939IMGP4938IMGP4943As you can see, they are having a good time out there! You will see that your boxes have almost fully transitioned into the fall crops now. The rain we have had this last week has made all the tomatoes split, so we are done picking them for the season. We are going to miss them, but we had such an amazing crop this year, we were so excited to be able to give you all more tomatoes than we had projected!

The last of the warm weather crops in your box this week are the peppers, so do enjoy them as they will soon be gone! We are excited about all the winter squash that was harvested last week. Crew member Katie Eisenband took some great photos of the squash harvest…

photo 1The squash is clipped from the vine and piled in the rows. A tractor carrying wooden totes then comes along and the crew members pile in the squash.  The orange squash is the Kabocha and Red Kuri.

photo 2Here is the oh so delicious Delicata squash…

photo 3And here is some lovely balancing farm art…

photo 4This year the squash is going to be stored in a new cooler we designed especially for the storage of crops that prefer to be stored at a temperature above that of our other colder coolers. This new cooler has been named “Lil’ Ricky” (The other two walk-in coolers on the farm are named Lucy and Ricky) and will be kept at around 55 degrees.

We hope that you are all having a good transition into fall, making warm cozy meals out of the food in your boxes!

Take care!