Organic farms rely on some form of animal manure for their fertility needs, but most of them use manure from large operations where it is hard to know exactly how the animals have been treated, fed or medicated.

We raise cows because we have chosen to take full responsibility for the quality of the animals’ lives our farm depends upon. We treat our cattle well because they deserve it and because they are vital to our farm.

Cows have long been the unifying force behind our farm’s fertility program. The cow manure and straw bedding collected in the barns during the winter is an alive, nitrogen-rich component which is added to other farm-produced ingredients to make the bulk of our compost.

Compost is spread throughout the farm to feed and balance the soil with organic matter and microorganisms (every gram of compost contains more than 1 billion microorganisms) so that healthy soil processes can then feed the crops we grow. Through compost, our cows are the backbone of our farm’s fertility.

Since 2004, our beef herd has been certified organically grown.