CSA Questions

Here are a few quick answers to our most common questions. Please reach out if you have any more!

What Happens if I Go on Vacation?

We offer three options whenever you are unable to pick up your box:

  • Gift your box to a friend or neighbor and arrange for them to pick it up.
  • Donate your box (tax deductible) to FOOD for Lane County by calling the farm prior to delivery.
  • Receive a coupon in your email that can be applied to other purchases from the website ($15 per box for Standard Season CSA Shares, and $23 per box for Late Season CSA Shares).
  • Notification of at least 7 days prior to delivery is required to receive credit.

Can I Split A Share With Another Family?

Our standard shares feed 2 adults or a small family. Many members choose to find a friend or family member to share their produce with, either splitting the produce at the site each week, or alternating weekly pick-ups. Feel free to work out arrangements to suit your needs.