April is Well Under Way!

April 13, 2022

Spring is officially here, and Oregon is showing us just how moody she can be! We’ve had beautiful sunshine, lots of rain and wind, and this week, even some snow! Our farmers are getting pretty creative to keep up with the weather, but it sure is gorgeous out here. We hope you’re able to enjoy all an Oregon Spring has to offer, even if it’s from the comfort of your own home.

The 2022 Season is Getting Closer!

With the season well under way, we’re getting closer and closer to June, and you know what that means: CSA! We cannot wait to share all our delicious veggies with you, and we’re so excited to have you join us. Right now, I’m working on getting delivery site information and pickup schedules out to everyone. It’s a work in progress, but keep an eye out in your email for that info. You will also receive a hard copy in the mail before the season starts. The paperwork will include your current account balance, so if you still have a balance, no worries! Just keep an eye on those deadlines to make sure we can get your veggies to you come June.

  • Payment in full: May 15, 2022
  • Half now, half later: 1st payment – May 15, 2022; 2nd payment – August 15, 2022
  • Monthly payments: 1st of the month, beginning June 1, 2022 and ending October 1, 2022
  • SNAP payments: Benefit loading day per your SNAP information with the state.

(Please note, the Double-Up Food Bucks program is on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you would like to pay by SNAP benefits, please reach out to me asap with your card # and benefit loading day so I can get you set up with the state. If I don’t have that information by the May 15, 2022 deadline, I may not be able to reserve your share without an out-of-pocket payment from you. You can reach me by email at [email protected].)

You are welcome to pay by personal check, a check straight from your bank, or on the website by credit card, though there is a 3% transaction fee to pay online.

We Still Have Shares!

We’re getting closer and closer and the list is filling up, but we still have a few spots to fill! Our Extended Season spots are all but gone, and the Standard Season is going quick, so if you or anyone you know are still interested in reserving a share, hop on over to our website to choose the one that works best for you! We have delivery sites in Eugene, Springfield, Portland, Veneta, Noti, Mapleton, Florence, Reedsport, and Coos Bay. We would love for you to join us!

Share Types:  

  • Standard Season (19 Weeks) – every week, beginning of June to mid-October 
  • Extended Season (24 Weeks) – every week, beginning of June to mid-November 
  • Standard Half Share (10 Weeks) – every other week, beginning of June to mid-October 
  • Extended Half Share (12 Weeks) – every other week, beginning of June to mid-November 
  • Extended Season Only (5 Weeks) – every week, mid-October to mid-November 

Because half shares are every other week, the programs will alternate. The first week of the Standard Half Share (10 weeks) will begin with the first week of the Standard Season, while the first week for the Extended Half Share (12 weeks) will technically begin on the second week of the Standard Season. We are unable to change this schedule. Due to the nature of half shares being every other week, we aren’t able to guarantee you’ll get all the veggies being offered during the season. We will try our best to get you as much as we can, but the only way to guarantee you receive all vegetables offered throughout the season is to purchase a full share. 

We Want You to Come See Us!

These last couple years have been hard on us all, with the pandemic shutting everything down and requiring social distancing. We miss your faces! This year, the restrictions have eased and once again, we get to invite you all out to the farm for a potluck lunch to get to know us and see the farm! Come join us on the afternoon of June 4, 2022 for a tour of the farm, great food, and even better company! We can’t wait to see you!

What’s Going on at the Farm?

The weather has been crazy these last few days, but that doesn’t stop Chris, Shannon, and our wonderful crew from working hard to get all your veggies planted. The greenhouse is buzzing, the fields are thriving, and even the sheep are excited to see everything going on. We have onions, kales, collards, lettuce, carrots, beets, and radishes in the ground, and we cannot wait to see them and all the rest when they’re ready to be harvested. It’s going to be a fantastic season!

Spring is a busy time of year, and we hope you’re all able to make the best of the sunshine when it peeks from behind the clouds. We live in such a beautiful state, and we hope each and every one of you is able to enjoy the nature surrounding your homes and spend as much time with your loved ones as you can while you wait for the CSA season to arrive. We’re so looking forward to going on this food journey with you!

Many blessings,

Chelsea and your Winter Green farmers