1852 Washington Street, Eugene

This site is in between 18th and 19th Avenues, on the west side of the street. The boxes will be left on the front porch. Pickup between 2pm and 7pm.

2797 Wingate Street, Eugene

The house is in the Gilham area, just north of Crescent. If you’re coming from Coburg Rd, go west on Crescent and take a right on Chuckanut. If you’re coming from Delta Hwy, go east on Crescent and left on Chuckanut, a few blocks past Gilham Rd. Wingate St is the first street on the right. The house is straight forward, yellow with a red door. Shares will be at the front porch through the courtyard. Pickup between 2:30pm and 7pm.

841 G Street, Springfield

The site is located on G Street, between 8th and 9th Street, just south of Springfield High School. The house is located on the south side of G Street. The CSA shares will be next to the right side of the house. Pickup between 3pm and 7pm.

Duma Community, 2244 Alder Street, Eugene

Alder Street is closed to through automobile traffic at 19th and 24th Avenues (bicycles are okay). If you’re driving a car, the best way to get from outside the neighborhood is to head south on Patterson or north on Hilyard Street to 23rd Avenue. Go one block east on 23rd and turn left on Alder Street. The house is a three-story orange house on the west side of the street with lots of vegetation in the front yard. Parking is allowed only on the east side of Alder Street. The boxes are on the right side of the house through the gate at the end of the driveway. Pickup between 3:30pm and 7pm.

1553 Evergreen Drive, Eugene

This house is located on Evergreen Drive, which is off Howard Ave. off River Road, south of Maxwell. The house is on the east side of the street. The shares will be through the short gate on the right side of the house (when you’re face it), into the side/backyard. It’s short enough that you can reach down and unlatch it easily. Pickup between 1:30pm and 7pm.

936 Taylor Street, Eugene

This house is between W. Broadway and 10th Avenue, on the west side of the street. It has brown shingle siding and a green metal roof. The boxes will be on the south side of the house, just behind the fence and gate, which will be left open on delivery day. Pickup between 1:45pm and 7pm.

2410 Monroe Street, Eugene

This site is located on Monroe Street, just south of W. 24th Avenue. The house is on the west side of the street and the boxes will be on the north side of the front porch. Pickup between 4:30pm and 7pm.

3514 High Street, Eugene

This site is located in South Eugene, in between Hilyard Street and Willamette Street. From Hilyard, turn west on E. 36th Avenue, then take a right turn onto High Street. From Willamette, turn east on E. 35th Avenue, merge right onto Donald Street, and turn left onto E. 36th Avenue. From there High Street will be a left turn. Pickup between 4pm and 7pm.

2345 W. 20th Avenue, Eugene

From W. 18th Avenue, follow City View south. Turn right onto 20th Avenue. The house is green with cream and cordial trim. It is on the right (north) side of the street. Boxes will be on the east side of the house stacked on a table. Pickup between 5pm and 7pm.


Lane County Farmers Market

This Saturday Market is located on 8th Ave. and Oak Street downtown. Our booth is on the West side of the Farmers Market, on the North side of 8th Ave. We are on the Park St. block, next to the Hideaway Bakery, right in front of the Park St. Cafe. The market is open between 9am and 3pm.



King Farmer’s Market,  Portland

This market is located on NE 7th & Wygant between NE Alberta and Prescott Streets Look for the Winter Green Farm sign at our produce booth. Pickup time between 10am and 1:30pm.



490 Juniper Street, Florence

To reach this site, turn West onto Rhododendron Drive from Hwy. 101. Follow Rhododendron Drive 3 blocks to Juniper St. The house will be on the South side of the street on the corner. The CSA shares will be in the back yard under a canopy. Pickup time between 2pm and 7pm.

Caffeination Station, Mapleton

This site is located off of Hwy. 126 (Florence-Eugene Hwy). The Shares will be left inside the cafe, under the table just inside the doorway. Jesse is the owner there, so please introduce yourself and be respectful of his closing time of 5pm… are welcome to bring your box home and then bring the empty box back the next week before the driver arrives with your new share. Pickup time between 1:30pm and 6pm.

Close to the Farm

Friday – Veneta

24806 Sertic Rd., Veneta

This site is on Sertic Rd., just off of 8th Street……the house is on the left side of the street.

The boxes will be in the breezeway/covered patio, next to the table. Enter the patio area and the table will be on the left, and the boxes will be to the right of the table. Pickup time between 1pm and 7pm.

Friday – Winter Green Farm

89762 Poodle Creek Rd.

The farm is located off of Hwy. 126, and North on Poodle Creek Rd. Follow Poodle Creek Rd. about 2 miles until you see the oval Winter Green Farm sign on your left….turn left into the driveway just past the sign. Bear left at the bottom of the driveway and park on the left side, under the apple trees. Your share will be in the barn between the 2 silos (the one on the left is a bathroom in case you are in  need when you arrive). Go to the back of the barn and there is a sliding door cooler on your RIGHT….light switch is on the wall just ahead of you. Pull the door open and all member shares are on a pallet just to the LEFT inside the door. You can use the table outside the cooler to transfer your veggies…..Enjoy! Pickup time between 12:30pm and sunset.