Welcome to the New Year!

January 5, 2022

2022 has arrived with snow, rain, and lots of wind here in the Pacifc Northwest, and we hope you all had a wonderful holiday break and managed to keep safe. We had lots of snow here at the farm, close to 16 inches! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get up here with my camera in my little car, so I don’t have actual pictures of the snow. The farm is still gorgeous, though!

Sign Ups are Open for Current Members!

It’s finally here! After lots of research and many hours figuring out the logistics for development on our new sign-up process, we are now ready to begin accepting deposits to reserve a spot for the 2022 CSA Season! All the glitches from yesterday have been sorted out (fingers crossed!) so hopefully orders will continue to go smoothly from here on out.

In order to offer our current members first shot at this year’s season, we are doing a password protected, online sign-up. When you go to our website, wintergreenfarm.com, you’ll click on the SHOP link to take you to the preorder option. From there, click “Pre Order Now!” and enter the password. 

Once  you’ve entered the password and accessed the preorder page, you’ll be able to choose the pickup day and site that works best for you, then choose either a full share or a half share, and pay the $25.00 deposit to hold your spot. I’ll be in touch after receiving your order to discuss and verify all the details for your upcoming share. 

To place a preorder:

The password for current members only was sent out in a previous email. If you didn’t receive it, reach out to me here at the farm, and I’ll get it to you.

This preorder option will only be available until the end of January. Come February, we will open up all the remaining shares to the public, and they will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. After that point, the $25.00 deposit to hold your spot  will no longer be an option and you’ll want to choose a payment plan that works best for you. 

Please note, we did raise prices a bit this year. Due to many factors, including inflation, cost of living, the rise in minimum wage, and rising fuel costs, we raised each share type around 4% (on average). The most that added to any one type of share was $25.00, and the raises were done in proportion to the share type and travel time. We do hope you understand our needing to do this. We hate to ask our members to pay more, but in order to maintain our business and take care of our employees, the raise in prices was necessary to continue growing the delicious veggies you’re used to seeing in your shares. 

Because each share type and delivery area has its own price, the amounts are not listed on the pre-order for the $25.00 deposit. They will be available come February when sign ups officially open. However, because I know some of you have expressed a desire to see them, a full list will go out by the end of the week.

A few things to note:

  • You’ll need to reset your password at checkout, if you have not already done so. It may be helpful to login prior to entering anything in the cart.
  • If you’re signing up for more than one share, you’ll need to set up a second account with a different name/email. Our system is only set up to purchase one share per year for each account.
  • We are taking credit card payments exclusively online this year. We will no longer be taking payments over the phone. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. However, you can still choose to pay by check, even for online orders.
  • We are no longer doing split shares that alternate between delivery locations. The process of changing locations back and forth each week was putting too much strain on our delivery crew, and we found it was creating too many errors. This year, you’ll need to each purchase a half share for your individual locations instead of sharing a full share and changing locations each week. Again, we’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • We do understand some of our members have food allergies, and we sympathize. However, with close to 600 shares each week, it’s incredibly difficult to keep track of members’ likes and dislikes when there gets to be so many. As a general rule, we will not be able to accommodate food allergies with so many shares. Exceptions will be made only in extreme circumstances, and we won’t be able to offer a credit for an “unusable” box. We’re all human, and sometimes things get missed. If you have an allergy, especially if it’s to more than one vegetable, we would like to encourage you to shop at the farm stand or farmers market instead, as you’ll be able to choose what works well for your body instead of missing out on food in your box each week. Our goal is to feed you in the safest way possible!

If you are wondering if I received your order, check your email! If I received the green confirmation from the website (the same one you should have received) I will respond with “Got it!” to the confirmation to let you know everything’s in order. If you think you placed an order (especially if you tried to place it on Tuesday) and did not receive a confirmation, your order did not go through and you will need to try again. We’re so sorry! But we thank you for being so patient and understanding while we work things out. You are all wonderful.

If you have any questions about sign ups or need to get ahold of me, the best way to reach me is by email. Due to the weather, I will be working from home some of the time, but I will still have access to email. You can email me at [email protected]. If you do prefer to reach me by phone and I don’t answer in the office, please leave a message with your name and phone number so I can call you back. Even from home, I do call in periodically to check messages and make sure I get back to you all with answers to your questions. Our phone number is 541-935-1920.

Thank you so much for joining us again this season! We can’t wait to continue on this food journey with you. 

Many blessings, 

Chelsea and your Winter Green farmers