Welcome to Winter!

December 15, 2021

The days have gotten colder, and for some of us, that means snow! We got some here at the farm, and boy was it beautiful. We hope you’re all able to stay safe, stay warm, and enjoy some wonderful food with your loved ones as winter sets in.

Winter Begins, and Yule Approaches!

While we’ve gotten a bit of snow, winter isn’t actually here yet. The first day of winter falls on the Winter Solstice this year, which will arrive on December 21, 2021. This day will be the shortest day of the year, with it getting dark here in Oregon sometime in the 4 o’clock hour. The Winter Solstice also marks the first day of Yule, which is a 12-day celebration marking the moment when the darkness begins to recede and the days get a little more light. Yule, similar to how we celebrate Christmas now, is celebrated by a feast with loved ones, a tree decorated with pinecones and candles, and a Yule log that burns in the fire for the duration of the celebration.

Just like at midsummer, the Oak King and the Holly King decide who rules on this magical day. The Holly King was victorious at midsummer and reigns until Yule. Then, he will surrender his life to the Oak King, who will rule again until midsummer, and the wheel turns all over again.

This is our last week at the farmers markets for the year!

This weekend will be our last farmers market for the year. Come see us and stock up on any veggies you might need over the holidays! If you’re in Portland, you can find us at the Hollywood Market this weekend with big smiles for our members, customers, and joy for the holidays. If you’re in Eugene, come see us at the Holiday Farmers Market downtown! Chris and Shannon will be there this week and they’d love to see all your smiling faces!

What We’re Making This Week:

It’s pretty quiet here at the farm, what with snow fall and winter preparations, but we’re still staying busy with our veggies. This week, I thought I’d share some recipes suggested for winter that you might all enjoy.

  • When you think of winter, you don’t think of vegetables, but we’ve still got a lot for your table. This Roasted Winter Vegetables recipe will hope you make a delicious dish everyone will love.

As the holidays ramp up, our work load winds down, and we’re all looking forward to some quiet this season. We hope you’re able to do the same and make great food and warm memories with your loved ones.

Many blessings and happy holidays,

Chelsea and your Winter Green farmers