Winter is Almost Over!

February 16, 2022

We’ve reached the middle of February, and winter is almost over, which means spring is right around the corner and the 2022 CSA Season will be here before we know it! Signups for the upcoming season are well underway, and we’ve been busy here at the farm.

Missing those delicious farm veggies?

Come see us at the Winter Market in Eugene! You can find us on 5th Street at the Lane County Farmers Market in Eugene every Saturday, where you can get your fill of our winter veggies. We got a bit of a break around the holidays, but once the new year hit, Chris, Shannon, and our amazing crew got right to work making sure we could get you everything you need during the off season.

Don’t miss out on the 2022 CSA Season!

We’ve officially opened signups for this year’s season! If you’re interested in reserving a share for 2022, you can place an order with us on our website. We do only have a limited number of spots available, so you’ll want to move quick!

Winter Green Farm offers multiple share types, and the cost will vary depending on location. Our Standard Season goes from early June to mid-October, and offers either a full share (every week, 19 weeks total) and a half share (every other week, 10 weeks total). Our Extended Season goes from early June to mid-November, and offers a full share (every week, 24 weeks total) a half share (every other week, 12 weeks total), and an Extended Season Only share which goes from mid-October to mid-November (every week, 5 weeks total). If you have any questions, please reach out to us here at the farm by email at [email protected].

For current members that have already reserved a share with a pre-order deposit, emails are currently going out to finalize details on your account before the season begins.

What’s going on at the farm?

Burdock root has been plentiful this winter, and we’ve spent lots of time harvesting and prepping it for market. It’s been a little dry this winter, but we’ll take what we can get. They’re calling for a cold, wet spring, and we need the rain, so we’ll keep pushing forward while it’s dry to get as much done as we can! In the meantime, Shannon’s been busy in the greenhouse getting veggies for the upcoming season started, and Chris and the crew have been preparing the fields for new plantings. We sure hope you’re ready for next season, because it’s going to be delicious!

February is moving quick, and we hope you’ll all be able to enjoy the winter season this year. We’re all looking forward to spring and the next season, and we cannot wait to join you on your food journey this year!

Many blessings,

Chelsea and your Winter Green farmers