The CSA Season Starts Next Week!

June 7, 2024

We are so pleased to have you with us this season, and we can’t even tell you how excited we are to tag along on your food journey this year! Below are some things to know about our CSA program!

Share Types

  • Standard Season (19 Weeks) – every week, beginning of June to mid-October 
  • Extended Season (24 Weeks) – every week, beginning of June to mid-November 
  • Standard Half Share (10 Weeks) – every other week, beginning of June to mid-October 
  • Extended Half Share (12 Weeks) – every other week, beginning of June to mid-November 
  • Extended Season Only (5 Weeks) – every week, mid-October to mid-November 

Please note: Because half shares are every other week, the programs will alternate. The first week of the Standard Half Share (10 weeks) will begin with the first week of the Standard Season, while the first week for the Extended Half Share (12 weeks) will technically begin on the second week of the Standard Season. We are unable to change this schedule.  

Due to the nature of half shares being every other week, we aren’t able to guarantee you’ll get all the veggies being offered during the season. We will try our best to get you as much as we can, but the only way to guarantee you receive all vegetables offered throughout the season is to purchase a full share. We do have full shares still available, so if you would like to upgrade to a full share, shoot me an email at [email protected].

We appreciate your understanding, and we’ll let you know each week what you can expect! You’ll get an estimate email the day before boxes are packed, and a weekly blog on Tuesdays during the Standard Season!

If you need to see the schedule dates for this season, you can find them on our website here.

Tips and tricks for a smooth season:

  • Help us keep everyone healthy by only touching your own share. 
  • Don’t forget to check your name off the list, so we know you got your share! 
  • Shoot me an email at least a week ahead of time if you need to change your delivery schedule. 
  • Contact your site host before the 7pm deadline if you aren’t able to get your share during the delivery window.  
  • Please bring your own bag or box, so you can leave the farm totes at the delivery site. We would appreciate it if you stacked them nicely to help out both your site host and your delivery drivers! 
  • Keep an eye on your emails for information from the farm! Let us know if you aren’t getting them, as that’s how we communicate with you!  
  • Only take a box if your name is on the list. We only pack enough for the members listed, so if your name isn’t there, please contact the farm for a makeup during the next delivery or a credit to your account.  
  • Please do not take any extras at the delivery site unless your name is on them. We appreciate your cooperation! 

We will mostly communicate through email

We will be sending out emails each week to let you know what’s in the box! The blog will go out on Tuesdays during the Standard Season, and Fridays during the Extended Season and off season. It will contain important announcements, what’s going on at the farm, what you can expect in your share each week, and recipes to help inspire your time in the kitchen!  

You’ll also be getting an email on Mondays or Thursdays, depending on your delivery day, with an estimate of what you can expect in your box. These lists come from the harvest crew and are more of an estimate than a final list. We also aren’t able to guarantee Tuesday/Wednesday deliveries will be the same as the weekend deliveries, but we will do our very best to get you the veggies we promised for this season. If we don’t get you one week, we’ll get you the next week that veggie is available.  

(Please note: we can’t guarantee half shares will receive all the veggies offered throughout the season due to availability, but we’ll try our best.) 

If you aren’t getting emails, please let me know! You can reach me at [email protected], and I can check to make sure you’re on our list. 

Please respect our site hosts and other CSA members! 

Our wonderful site hosts have graciously donated their time and property for the season. We are so grateful for our residential site hosts (and our market site hosts!) and we can’t thank them enough for allowing us to use their driveways, porches, and yards, as well as donating their time. Please remember to respect our site hosts by taking out everything you bring with you and not leaving any trash, stacking your boxes nicely, checking your name off the list, bringing your own bag to pick up your veggies, and being kind and courteous to your site hosts and other CSA members.  

Let us know if you’re going on vacation

We know the season is during the summer and we all like to go on vacation when it’s warm! We’re happy to accommodate you by either rescheduling your share, offering a double share the following week, issuing a credit for the 2024 season, or donating your share to Food for Lane County.  

(Please note: we are only able to make these changes with at least 7 days notice. If you pick up on Friday and want to change to Tuesday earlier that week, you’ll need to let me know 7 days before that TUESDAY, so we have time to make the changes.)  

Give your site host a call if you can’t pick up your share that day! 

If you’re unable to pick up your share the day of delivery, you will need to contact your site host to see if they are able to hold it for you. Your site hosts are under no obligation to hold your shares! The pickup deadline for residential deliveries is 7:00pm. After that delivery window passes, the leftover shares will become theirs to either eat or give away. They do not come back to the farm, and we are unable to replace missed boxes. 

Please make sure you contact your site host if you’re unable to pick up your share on delivery day. Our office is usually closed or we’re out on the farm during those pickup windows, so we will not be able to help with missed pickups the day of delivery. 

Let the farm know as soon as possible if you miss a market box! 

If you pick up at the markets, missed shares do come back to the farm. However, we only hold them until the next packing day (Tuesday or Friday), so we’ll need to know by 10am the day before (Monday or Thursday) in order to send them to another site or hold them until your next delivery. Any boxes left after those deadlines get donated to Food for Lane County. 

Please check your name off the list when you pick up your box

When you pick up your shares each week, we like to know when you get your veggie boxes. Please check your name off the list, so we can confirm you were able to pick up your share! If your name is not on the list, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE A BOX. If your name is not on the list and you think it should be, please double-check your delivery schedule, then email the farm at [email protected], and we’ll reach out to you the next business day to make arrangements for a makeup share or credit.

If you have someone pick up your share for you and they are not getting our emails, please make sure to remind them of this as well. 

Please only take extras if you purchased them ahead of time! 

When the farm has a surplus of something, we like to offer it in flats for our members, and I’ll let you know ahead of time so we can have them prepared for the designated deliveries. These extra flats or products are all paid for by the members who purchased them before they go to the delivery sites, and they will be labeled with the member’s name. Please ONLY take something you’ve already paid for that ALSO has your name on it.

We will NEVER send a flat of berries or tomatoes (or anything) for people to take from at will. Any extras we have that go to everybody will already be in your share.  

Please help us deliver these purchases by respecting the purchased deliveries of other members. If you have someone pick up your share for you and they are not getting our emails, please make sure to remind them of this as well.  

If you need to reach us:  

Phone: 541-935-1920 

Email: [email protected]   

Instagram/Facebook: @wintergreenfarm 

Address: Winter Green Farm 

89762 Poodle Creek Road 

Noti, OR 97461 

You can find any contact information for us on your physical or electronic welcome packets, as well as on our website here.

It’s easier to reach us by email!

I work from home a lot in the afternoons, and we’re out on the farm throughout the day. While you can always call and leave a message, the best way to reach us is through email. (Though we will not be available during evenings or weekends.) 

Please note: we are NOT usually available during the pickup windows in the evenings or on the weekends, so if you are unable to find your site information, you can find the addresses on our website.

We do not list phone numbers for the public, so you’ll want to make sure you have that saved somewhere before the season begins. If you are unable to locate your pickup site, please give your site host a call, as the office will not be available during that time. Thank you!

We’re so happy to have you with us this year! A lot of time and effort goes into farming and growing your veggies at Winter Green Farm, and we could not do it without you. We’re so happy to be able to tag along on this food journey with you this year, and we can’t wait to share what this season has in store! 

Many blessings,

Chelsea and your Winter Green farmers